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Linear feet of streambank restored and protected
Wetland acres restored and protected
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Cubic yards of soil erosion prevented annually

Streambank Erosion and Protection:

Eroding and expanding stream channels can be highly destructive to riparian land, and landowners are increasingly finding tillable soil being lost to streambank erosion. LLF works with partners including Mitico ( to develop custom plans for restoring and stabilizing streambanks, and conserving the land into the future.

Wetland Restoration and Conservation:

Wetland ecosystems are key components to clean water initiatives, help reduce flooding on riparian land, create habitat for beneficial species including insectivores, and provide sporting and educational opportunities. LLF offers custom wetland conservation plans for large and small tracts alike, and specializes in helping landowners who want to protect their wetland. Our work often includes land that does not qualify for participation in federal programs like the Wetland Reserve Program (WRP).

Clean Water Act 404 Permit Support:

LLF has assisted dozens of developers and landowners who require Clean Water Act section 404 permits that are required when a project produces unavoidable impact on waters of the United States (streams and wetlands). Through in-lieu-fee advanced credit sales [hyperlink to credit quote form], we ensure that your project will meet federal regulatory standards without delay.

Regulatory Notes:

LLF’s work is bonded to ensure that our engineering will keep your streambank in place, and our services can be offered at no out-of-pocket cost to landowners in exchange for a conservation easement on a protective buffer along the streambank. This easement does not create public rights or access to private property, and the land remains with the owner – it merely ensures that the restoration and conservation work that is completed will be sustainable.

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