Whitewater River Riparian Mitigation Project

Whitewater River Riparian Mitigation

LL Foundation completed a riparian restoration project on the Whitewater River in southeast Missouri in December, 2020. The Whitewater River is located in the Upper St. Francis Ecological Drainage Unit (EDU). LLF restored 3,000 linear feet of streambank. LLF worked with two landowners to protect their land from severe erosion that had been causing land loss and sedimentation. We established a riparian corridor which will filter nutrient from runoff and protect the streambank from losing soil.



In addition, LL Foundation restored and protected 2.6 acres of a forested wetland. The wetland will also help filter nutrients and slow water before it enters the river. Overall, this project will improve water quality throughout the Whitewater River and increase available habitat for aquatic and terrestrial animals.