Indian Creek

Date:Aug 02, 2023

Indian Creek Streambank Restoration Project

LLF completed the construction on a large streambank restoration project on Indian Creek in Franklin County, Missouri. Indian Creek is a tributary to the Meramec River and is a large, highly active stream. Landowners had been experiencing severe erosion and loss of agricultural land to the creek for years. Approximately 4,700 linear feet of Indian Creek were experiencing this severe erosion.

We stabilized the creek by utilizing bank shaping, longitudinal peak stone toe protection, rock veins, willow staking, and planting a riparian corridor. The banks were sloped to 3:1 slope, which can prevent sloughing of the soil and allow the vegetation to establish more quickly. The riparian corridor is planted in native trees and shrubs that will be able to withstand flooding from Indian Creek. The roots of these trees will help stabilize and hold the soil in place along the bank of the creek. After a few years, the trees will provide shade to Indian Creek and leaves falling into the creek provide food for macroinvertebrates, which fish consume.

The streambank stabilization will reduce the amount of sediment and nutrient entering the creek. The excess sediment and nutrients can cause pollution, algal blooms, and turbidity in the water. The rock structures placed in the creek slow the water down behind them, which can also offer habitat for fish.

The total restoration took place on 6,600 linear feet of Indian Creek, all of which will be preserved in perpetuity.  Land Learning now holds Conservation Easements on both sides of Indian Creek, with 5 landowners, on 60+ acres.

Before construction:

After construction: