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  • Restore and Preserve Wildlife Habitat

    Preserve Traditional Sporting Opportunities
    Increase Education Opportunities Related To Agriculture

    Ensure Compatibility Between Humans and Wildlife

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Land Learning Foundation Winter 2019 Newsletter

Check out our Winter Edition Newsletter Click here to view or download the PDF
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City of Chesterfield Mitigation Site – 2013

  Chesterfield City Mitigation (Franklin County, MO) – This mitigation site measures some
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Riverlands Wetland Mitigation Site – 2010

This 162-acre emergent wetland mitigation project was developed for the St. Louis Metropolitan Sewer
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Red River Wetland & Riparian Mitigation Site – 2008

This project consisted of locating a tract of land suitable to meet all of the mitigation requiremen
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Edmondson Creek Mitigation Bank – Pending

Edmondson Creek Mitigation Bank (Saline County, MO) – Located in the Blackwater-Lamine Watershed in
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LLF Duck Hunt 2018

Saturday, October 20th was a beautiful Day for an LLF Duck Hunt, almost too beautiful! This caused a
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Stream Workshop hosted by the Society of Wetland Scientists

Scott Martin, Executive Director of The Land Learning Foundation, and Matt Roth of On-Site Soils att
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Land Learning Foundation Spring 2018 Newsletter

Check out our Spring Edition Newsletter
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Youth Waterfowl Hunt 2017

The Land Learning Foundation’s Youth Waterfowl Hunt was on October 28th, it was a fun-filled m
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Youth Squirrel Hunt 2017

On August 19th, 2917, The Land Learning Foundation held a Youth Squirrel Hunt! Throughout the mornin
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Camping Skills Program 2017

Join us on Friday, June 23rd at 4:00 PM on the Iman farm to begin a fun evening of camping skills fo
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Youth Wild Turkey Hunting Workshop 2017

The youth will learn firearm safety, turkey biology and calling, shotgun patterning, camouflaging, t
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Visit our Environmental Service Provider

LLF’s principal collaborating entity in stream and wetland mitigation is Mitico, LLC, which operates under a cooperative agreement with LLF. Mitico is a multidimensional environmental services company that assists in every phase of the mitigation of environmental impacts, from preliminary site assessments and the development of mitigation planning instruments, to construction and oversight of mitigation projects. Mitico counts on the talents of a diverse group of experts whose bios can be found here.

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