Trash Clean Up

Trash Clean Up

In December 2020, LL Foundation cleaned up trash along a tributary to the Upper Whitewater River. The tributary led to our project site on the Whitewater River, which you can view HERE. There were hundreds of illegally discarded tires in an don the banks of the creek.

LL Foundation recruited local high school volunteers to clean up litter, tires, and discarded appliances.

Illegal dumping causes unmeasured environmental damage from toxins leaching into the soil and water to animals consuming trash. We have also placed signs to dissuade others from continuing to dump at the site. The goal is that with the trash being gone, people will be less inclined to throw trash there.

The landowner has been dealing with dumping and was grateful for our help in cleaning up.

“We are grateful to the Land Learning Foundation
for its willingness to tackle the dump clean up
on our family farm as part of the streambank
stabilization conservation project,” said Sharon
Hahs, one of the landowners at the Whitewater
Creek project. “The work has been amazing and
we are thrilled. We appreciated the volunteer
students from St. Vincent’s in Perryville. They
were energetic, cheerful, and pulled dozens of
old tires from the dumpsite– a job that could
only be done by hand on the steep hillside.
Thank you for restoring this area of our farm!”

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