LLF Receives Risberg Grant

The David Risberg Memorial Affiliate Grant Program provides funding for conservation projects, through the Conservation Federation of Missouri (CFM). In fall of 2019, The Land Learning Foundation (LLF) submitted a proposal to plant over 1,300 milkweed plugs from Heartland Seed of Missouri, LLC. In addition to the Risberg Grant, the funding was matched by our partner MITICO, LLC to cover the cost of the remaining plants. The milkweed plugs will be planted on a mitigation restoration site on the Cuivre River in Lincoln County.

There will be 668 common milkweed plants and 665 swamp milkweed. The milkweed plants will enhance the restoration with native plants and supply vital food for monarch caterpillars, and nectar for many species of adult butterflies. Conservation is the focus of LLF and CFM, and milkweed plants are important for monarch butterfly conservation. In addition, the streambank stabilization and preservation which will occur on the Cuivre River this spring is central to improving the water quality in Missouri and reducing the land lost by erosion. LLF accepted this award at CFM’s Annual Convention Affiliate Lunch on March 7th, 2020.

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