Joachim Creek Property Donation

Land Learning Foundation recently accepted a gift of two forested tracts on Joachim Creek near its confluence with the Mississippi River in Herculaneum, Missouri. The donation from Doe Run Resources Corporation of approximately 102 acres of forested bottomland and wetland was part of a consent decree resolving natural resource damage claims for legacy contamination from past mining and refining practices in United States and State of Missouri v. The Doe Run Resources Corporation, (No. 4:20-cv-00234, E.D. Mo.).

Trustees for these natural resources under federal law, the U.S. Department of the Interior acting through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the State of Missouri, acting through the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, asked that LLF take title to the properties and manage them as conservation areas to protect native plants and animals, migratory birds, and natural habitat. LLF’s future land management plans include passive use such as hiking and birding, as well as ecological research, and natural resource monitoring.

“This is an exceptional opportunity for LLF to conserve unique natural habitat while offering research and environmental education opportunities,” noted Eric Dannenmaier of RiverLaw.Org, who negotiated title transfer and conservation terms on behalf of LLF, “and it will be a valuable community resource.”

Scott Martin, LLF’s Executive Director, explained that “this acquisition is an important step in our ongoing mission to advance natural resource stewardship through experiential education and conservation. We look forward to our work there.”

Look for future announcements regarding LLF’s conservation work at the Joachim Creek site, and plan to join us for hiking and other outdoor events as site management advances.

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