Riparian Mitigation Site

Big Creek Riparian Mitigation Site – 2018

The Big Creek mitigation site is located in Lincoln County, Missouri and protects the riparian corridor of over one mile of Big Creek. In addition to riparian restoration and protection, the site includes a total of 1,900 linear feet of streambank stabilization using a variety of tech
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Calvey Creek Riparian Mitigation Site – 2017

  There are 4,274 linear feet of intermittent stream channel and riparian corridor that will be restored and preserved in the Meramec River watershed. This will counteract the increase in urban growth in the area by providing habitat and enhanced water quality. This is an In-Lieu
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Craghurst Riparian Mitigation Site – 2017

  The 3,025 feet of intermittent stream channel and riparian corridor on this site in the Meramec watershed will help control runoff from nearby subdivisions. This is an In-Lieu Fee site is constructed with the goal to restore and preserve a stream and its riparian corridor with
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Meramec Bluffs Wetland Mitigation Bank – 2016

Meramec Bluffs Wetland Mitigation Bank – 2016 Meramec Bluffs Wetland & Riparian Mitigation Site – The project began in 2007 with the development of a banking instrument, onsite vegetation study, archaeological survey and delineation of jurisdictional water bodies. Initially,
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City of Chesterfield Mitigation Site – 2013

  Chesterfield City Mitigation (Franklin County, MO) – This mitigation site measures some 60 acres in the Labadie Bottoms in Franklin County, Missouri.  It is very near the Missouri Department of Conservation’s Missouri Hills Confluence Opportunity Area and adjacent to Engl
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Red River Wetland & Riparian Mitigation Site – 2008

This project consisted of locating a tract of land suitable to meet all of the mitigation requirements for the construction of a new reservoir by the North Texas Municipal Water District and development of a preliminary site assessment. This was a 14,727-acre tract of land located adj
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Edmondson Creek Mitigation Bank – Pending

Edmondson Creek Mitigation Bank (Saline County, MO) – Located in the Blackwater-Lamine Watershed in West Central Missouri, this proposed bank undertakes the restoration of about one mile of riparian corridor as well as about 45 acres of emergent wetland. Located along the Missouri Riv
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Meramec Stream Restoration Site – 2006

This 17-acre riparian mitigation project for the Missouri Department of Transportation was developed in 2006. The project provided stream restoration along a tributary to the Meramec River and includes a variety of native tree and shrub plantings.
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Lower Grand Mitigation Bank – Pending

  Lower Grand Riparian Mitigation Bank (Chariton County, MO) – This sizable project is located near Swan Lake Refuge and abuts the Grand River. It consists of both riparian and wetland restorations in an area where water quality and siltation are the subject of a USACE study to b
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