Education is defined as “the consumption of knowledge.” True education reaches beyond traditional boundaries to inspire, motivate and create a desire to become knowledgeable about those things which we hold near and dear to our hearts. The Land Learning Foundation (LLF) provides people of all ages with opportunities to connect with the natural world through interactive conservation education programs, habitat restoration projects and outdoor sporting opportunities.

School Programs

Whether you’re a student, teacher or administrator, contact LLF for an exciting educational outing that is sure to engage your students in their learning experience. We’ll tell you about our available programs and fashion a curriculum to suit your needs. Want to educate you and your students about the great outdoors?  We have a list of volunteers waiting to help you in the “outdoor classroom,” where the learning will be memorable.

Agricultural Education

The Land Learning Foundation strives to educate and involve today’s youth in one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems. Being based in a wetland rich area, we have many opportunities throughout the year to expose youth and adults alike to the wonders of the shallow water. We offer several wetland weeks throughout the year where our wetlands are open for tours by appointment to educational, bird watching, outdoor groups, and groups with similar interests. This is a great opportunity for a group to learn why wetlands are so important.

Please contact us to set up your next educational experience.

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