About Us

Land Learning Foundation is committed to fostering stewardship through outdoor experience, youth education, and conservation.

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Our Commitment

  • To Restore and Preserve Wildlife Habitat
  • To Preserve Traditional Sporting Opportunities
  • To Ensure the Coexistence and Compatibility Between Humans and Wildlife
  • To Increase Education Opportunities Related To Agriculture

Our Story

In 2003, the Land Learning Foundation (LLF), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization was founded.  The Foundation is dedicated to restoring and preserving wetland and riparian ecosystems as well as the associated uplands. Your donations allow us to offer hands on conservation education opportunities for students and educators as we provide traditional outdoor sporting opportunities to men, women, children, including those with disabilities.  We work with more than 18 federal, state, and local agencies and organizations and utilize/manage large acreages of property.

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