What is a Land Trust?
A land trust is an organization that actively conserves land through conservation easements or implementing an In-Lieu Fee Program. We do both! The Land Learning Foundation is a member of the Land Trust Association. The Land Trust Alliance is an organization that supports qualifying land trusts and creates standards for land trusts to adhere to. We are taking the initiative to become an accredited land trust through the Land Trust Accreditation Commission. This means that we will have proven that we have thoroughly implemented each item of the Standards and Practices held by the Land Trust Association. The Land Learning Foundation is a newly operating land trust dedicated   primarily  to  the  agricultural  landscapes  in  northern Missouri.

​Conservation Easements
A conservation easement is a legal agreement between a landowner and a third party (like LLF) which permanently limits the land use on the property to protect its conservation values. Landowners will still own their land and continue activities except for those restricted in the easement, but that varies on the situation. The conservation easement is permanent and so will pass on to future landowners such as heirs.

There is currently a federal tax incentive in place for conservation easement donations. If you would like to place a conservation easement on your property to conserve unique and precious natural resources, you can still use your land while also receiving a deduction.

The new deduction is 30-50% of the donors income, while farmers and ranchers can deduct up to 100% of their income. The deduction now lasts 15 years from when the conservation easement is implemented.

We suggest that you consult a lawyer and an appraiser to learn more and to receive advice specific to your situation.

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