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To Restore and Preserve Wildlife Habitat

To Preserve Traditional Sporting Opportunities

To Ensure the Coexistence and Compatibility Between Humans and Wildlife

To Increase Education Opportunities Related To Agriculture

Video Credit: Bill Cooper
On Saturday, October 22 The Land Learning Foundation hosted the Youth Waterfowl Hunt for 2016. This event was made possible by Mendon Lion's Club and Gabbi Jo's Cafe.

Larry Pollard and Mike Mauzy put in weeks of effort to make this event possible, along with all of the parents and volunteers who also helped set up and act as mentors.

A group of 21 youth were able to participate in the 9 blinds resulting in 10 waterfowl taken and cleaned by the youth. Seven of the participants were young girls. 

You can see below pictures of the participating youth as they show off their ducks and clean them.

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